Your Constant Contact Solution Provider


Let Boost Cape Cod give you a hand with your email marketing social media programs.

As a Constant Contact Solution Provider, we can help you set up an integrated marketing program that suits the unique needs of your business or nonprofit. And, if you are to busy to manage the program on your own, we can provide an optional monthly rate for on-going “Do It For You” marketing services.

Leave the details to Boost and we will help you:

  • Set up your Constant Contact account
  • Upload and segment your email lists
  • Customize an email template
  • Write and publish content
  • Provide detailed open and click-thru reports
  • Integrate your message across multiple social media platforms
  • Provide training to allow you to write and publish on your own
  • Provide monthly “Do It For You” marketing services for an additional fee (optional)

Sign up for a monthly email marketing plan for as little as $20 per month. See pricing and compare plans. Use the GET STARTED FREE button below to activate a free, no-risk trial.


Contact Boost today to discuss your marketing needs and customize an integrated marketing and social media program to suit your unique needs.